About Xinterra (新天人中華語文網介紹)

The Xinterra project is an initiative spearheaded by Dr. Sue-Mei Wu of Carnegie Mellon University to provide Chinese learners with easily accessible, high-quality content. With this effort, she aims to cultivate a community of ardent Chinese learners and promote the use of web-based content in language teaching.

Sue-mei Wu
Teaching Professor of Chinese Studies
Director of Masters in Applied SLA
Department of Modern Languages
Carnegie Mellon University

The Xinterra Opera project aims to promote awareness about Chinese operas.

Project Coordinator

  • Dr. Sue-mei Wu 吳素美, Ph.D.
    Teaching Professor of Chinese Studies
    Carnegie Mellon University

Content Contributors

  • Peking Opera - Kun Nie 聶昆, Yue Gao 高月

  • Sichuan Opera - Zhimeng Tang 唐智盟, Shuhan Rui 芮舒涵

  • Cantonese Opera - Lin Shi 石琳, Yu Xia 夏雨

  • Kunqu Opera - Shengyi Zheng 鄭升禕, Mengpin Xu 許夢頻

  • Huangmei Opera - Yu Wang 王瑜, Yanying Wang 王艷瑩

  • Yueju Opera - Yuxing Wang 王淯瑆, Zheng Gu 顧錚

  • Taiwanese Opera - Sue-mei Wu 吳素美, Yiching Liu 呂逸勤

Web Developers

  • Calvin Yen 嚴達鈜

  • Mark Haney 何禮

Research Assistants

  • Estelle Tian 田沐辰

  • Will Crichton 柯登偉

  • Angela Hu 胡佩琪


  • Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation (Project PI: Sue-mei Wu) 蔣經國基金會

  • CMU Berkman Faculty Development Fund (Project PI: Sue-mei Wu)

Special thanks to

  • 台灣師大信世昌教授

  • 台灣師大朱我芯教授

  • CMU Fall 2015 民間演藝傳統課的學生

The Xinterra Puppetry project aims to promote awareness about Chinese puppetry.