Puppetry 偶戲
Opera 戲曲
Storytelling 說書
Music 音樂
Folk Beliefs 民間信仰
Folk Dances 民俗舞蹈
Folk Arts 民間技藝
Minorities 少數民族藝術
Folk Festivals 廟會節慶

  Folk Dances 民俗舞蹈

  • Wikipedia page on folk dances around the world
  • A research paper that proposes the idea of applying aboriginal dancing techniques, in particular the style of the A-mei tribe of Taiwan, to strengthen the cognitive and social abilities of mentally challenged individuals (Traditional Chinese)
  • A research paper that describes the place of folk dances in present China and its evolution. (Simplified Chinese)
  • ChinaCulture.org - A Collection of Chinese Folk Dances: Individual articles that compile information on the various Festival and Seasonal, Life, Ritual, Belief, and Work-Based dances.
  • Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix Dai Dances – A description of dances of the Dai such as the Peacock dance, drum dances, garland dance, etc.