Puppetry 偶戲
Opera 戲曲
Storytelling 說書
Music 音樂
Folk Beliefs 民間信仰
Folk Dances 民俗舞蹈
Folk Arts 民間技藝
Minorities 少數民族藝術
Folk Festivals 廟會節慶

  Minorities 少數民族藝術

  • TravelChinaGuide.com: Ethnic Groups – Information on each of the ethnic groups in terms of their language, skills/talents, food, religion, festivals, and etc.
  • Chinatravel.com: Chinese Ethnic Minority Groups Discovery – Pictures and information on the different ethnic minorities including food/drinks, customs, festivals, history and more.
  • Wikipedia: Ethnic minorities in China: (English) (Simplified Chinese)
  • Xinhuanet.com: 中國的少數民族 – Information on each ethnic group’s daily food culture as well as the dietary customs during festivals and other special occasions. (Simplified Chinese)
  • China.com.cn: 中國少數民族 – Information on the different ethnic groups including festivals, food, customs and history. (Simplified Chinese)
  • 中央研究院歷史語言研究所: 中國西南少數民族資料庫 – Database with information and pictures specifically on the Southwestern ethnic minorities of China. (Traditional Chinese)
  • 中央研究院歷史語言研究所: 村寨網 – Articles on the Southwestern ethnic minorities, the area they inhabit, the dominant customs and beliefs of the groups, their adaptation to present times, and etc. (Traditional Chinese)
  • Minzuonline.com 民族在線 – Information on the ethnic minorities’ customs, clothing, language and writing, history, diet, music, dance, and much more. (Simplified Chinese)
  • Youtube: Guizhou ethnic minorities (miao nationality) dance貴州少數民族(苗族)舞蹈《銀項圈》07年
  • Youtube: Xinjiang Uyghur dance 新疆維吾爾族的舞蹈
  • Youtube: [culture_express] Guangxi Zhuang Ethnic Minority