Puppetry 偶戲
Opera 戲曲
Storytelling 說書
Music 音樂
Folk Beliefs 民間信仰
Folk Dances 民俗舞蹈
Folk Arts 民間技藝
Minorities 少數民族藝術
Folk Festivals 廟會節慶

  Opera 曲藝

  • Wikipedia: Quyi
  • China Culture Information Net: The Quyi of Ethnic Minority Groups in China – Overview of Quyi among the minority groups in China
  • ChinaCulture.org: Collection of Chinese Quyi Music - Descriptions of Paiziqu, tanci, dagu lyrics, qinshu, daoqing, and more.
  • NikerChina: Body Language in Quyi

  • Wikipedia: Beijing opera (English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Baidu.com: 京劇 – Descriptions of the opera’s history, special characteristics, types, makeup, performance techniques, instruments, and props used on stage. (Simplified Chinese)
  • 國光劇團: 京劇大觀園 - Descriptions of all components of Beijing opera including the opera’s different disciplines, the stage, and the performances’ salient traits. (English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Youtube: 京劇《搜孤救孤》1 于魁智
  • Youtube: Beijing opera 武家坡—李炳淑 于魁智
  • Richard R. Wertz’s The Cultural Heritage of China: Beijing Opera – Descriptions of the history, the various character roles, costumes, facial design, famous artists, repertoire, and venues of the opera.
  • 中國京劇網 – Includes the up-to-date information on performances, operas, etc. (Simplified Chinese)

  • Wikipedia: Yueju: (English) (Simplified Chinese)
  • 中國戲曲查篤撐: 越劇(浙江) – A brief overview of yueju. (Traditional Chinese)
  • NikerChina: Yuequ (Guangdong Melodies)
  • Chinavoc.com: Yue Opera
  • Chinaculture.org: Yuequ (Guangdong Melodies)
  • Youtube: Yueju Opera videos
  •   KUNQU OPERA 崑曲

  • Wikipedia: Kunqu: (English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Chinavoc.com: Kunqu: Humankind’s Common Cultural Heritage
  • What is Kunqu Theatre – An overview of musical and dramatic structure, stage, props, and costumes, role types, and kunqu orchestra.
  • Youtube: Chinese Kunqu Opera – Peony Pavilion (part 1) 青春版牡丹亭-序曲 Intro
  • 石頭書屋: 崑曲 – Includes various opera storylines, music lyrics, character roles, origin/history, and some audio recordings of classic Kunqu operas. (Traditional Chinese)
  • Overseas Chinese Language and Culture Education Online中國華文教育網 : 昆曲 (Traditional Chinese)

  • Wikipedia: Chuanju or Sichuan Opera: (English) (Simplified Chinese)
  • 中國川劇網 – History, performance techniques, facial expressions, classic works, etc. (Simplified chinese)
  • Zhongguoxijuchang.com: 川劇介紹 (Simplified Chinese)
  •   GEZAI OPERA 歌仔戲 (Taiwanese Opera)

  • Wikipedia: Taiwanese Opera
  • CulturalTaiwan: Taiwanese Opera歌仔戲 – An overall summary of gezaixi including its origins, its development in Taiwan, and its various components.
  • Blog: Liefintaiwan – Taiwanese Opera
  • 中華文化天地: 歌仔戲 – An extensive database of gezaixi’s history, development, growth, genre types, character roles, instruments used, etc.(English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Youtube: 台灣歌仔戲Taiwanese Folk Opera (Traditional Chinese)
  • Youtube: Taiwanese Opera新編歌仔戲《寒月》選段2 (Traditional Chinese)
  • Taiwan123.com.tw: 關於歌仔戲 (Traditional Chinese)
  •   YUE OPERA 粵劇 (Cantonese Opera)

  • Wikipedia: Cantonese Opera (English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Cantonese Opera – Describes the origins, the history, the development and changes, as well as the make-up, costumes and music of yueju Cantonese opera. (English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Youtube: Chinese Yueju Opera: A Beggar’s Song 1
  • Youtube: Chinese Yueju Opera: Peony Pavilion-seeking after dream (part 1)
  • 教育統籌局: 粵劇合士上 – Descriptions of the opera’s music, lyrics, actor movements, makeup, instruments, and etc. (Traditional Chinese)
  • Richard R. Wertz’s Cultural Heritage of China: Cantonese Opera – Descriptions of the history, salient features, costumes, major artists, speech types and etc. of Cantonese opera.