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  Hand or Glove Puppetry 布袋戲

  • Wikipedia: Budai Xi: (English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Wikipedia: Pili (TV Series) – Hand Glove puppetry TV Series: English Chinese (Simplified)
  • 李天祿布袋戲文物館: A museum website featuring galleries of budai xi characters, an extensive telling of the art form’s origins, explanations of terminology involved as well as step by step descriptions on how to operate the hand glove puppets. (Traditional Chinese)
  • Pili Budaixi
  • Hsiao Hsi Yuan Puppet Theater – The features includes descriptions of all aspects of budaixi from puppet weaponry to the various types of performance stages: (English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • 霹靂布袋戲:霹靂網– The Pili Budaixi, a renowned televised-version of Budaixi, is evidence of an old art form’s survival in present-day mainstream entertainment. The following is its homepage that describes the history of budaixi in Taiwan, pili episode synopses, and etc. (Traditional Chinese)
  • Youtube: 天罪-劍聖對上棄天帝 (上) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Youtube: 天罪-劍聖對上棄天帝 (下) (Traditional Chinese)
  • Youtube: 台灣宏觀電視TMACTV--戲偶春秋 – A video documentary of Budaixi in Taiwan (Traditional Chinese)
  • See-Join Puppet Theater Restaurant – Pictures of Budaixi performances. (Traditional Chinese)
  •   Shadow Puppetry 皮影戲

  • 皮影戲皮偶 – Examples/Images of shadow puppets (Traditional Chinese)
  • 高雄英明藝術文物館: 台灣皮影戲簡介 – A summary of the historical origins of shadow puppet theater in Taiwan (Traditional Chinese)
  • 中國皮影网 ChineseShadow.com – Comprehensive website featuring the techniques, video clips of performances, and many other resources. (Simplified Chinese)
  • 中國西安皮影博物館 – Images featuring the types and characters of Chinese shadow puppetry (Simplified Chinese)
  • Wikipedia : Shadow Play
  • Kennedy Center ARTSEDGE : Playing with Shadows : An Introduction to Shadow Puppetry – Interactive site that contains background, techniques, old and new tales on shadow play.
  • Youtube Video: Wuzhen, China: Chinese Shadow Puppet Theater
  • TravelChinaGuide.com: Shadow Puppetry – History and description of shadow puppetry
  •   Marionette Puppetry 魁儡戲

  • Crienglish.com: The Art of Marionette Puppetry
  • 台北偶戲館 – A brief description and some pictures about marionette puppetry (Traditional Chinese)
  • 中國文化研究院: 中國木偶 – A complete description and history of the marionettes found in China and Taiwan. (Simplified Chinese)
  • 中國陝西:文化展台 – A short description of the origins of 陝西 marionettes or wooden puppets. (Simplified Chinese)
  • Baidu.com: 傀儡戲 – Describes the history, the performance dynamics, the music, the characters involved, and the future of marionette puppetry. (Simplified Chinese)
  • 傀儡戲偶 – A brief summary of marionette puppetry in Taiwan. (Traditional Chinese)
  • Blog: 陳逸宏的逸想視界- 傀儡戲•台灣 (Traditional Chinese)
  • 中國藝術吧: 傀儡戲研究 – A more in depth analysis of marionette puppetry and its relationship with worship and exorcism. (Simplified Chinese)
  • Youtube: 台灣宏觀電視TMACTV--傀儡戲與宗教 – A video documentary of marionette puppetry and Taiwanese folk religion. (Traditional Chinese)
  • Youtube: 天壇建醮0406慶成醮之傀儡戲 - Marionette Puppetry at a temple festival (Simplified Chinese)