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Folk Beliefs 民間信仰
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Folk Festivals 廟會節慶

  Folk Festivals 廟會節慶

  • Boogiers Chen Blog- Pictures of a Taiwanese temple fair
  • NikerChina: Village Carnivals in the Traditional Way (Chinese Quyi) – Offers some insight on the festival forms of the traditional shehuo, the acrobatic xinzi, and more.
  • Tainan.gov.tw: 廟會節慶 – Descriptions of the different folk festivals found in the various parts of Taiwan. (Traditional Chinese)
  • Global Chinese Language and Culture Center: 民俗廟會 – Information on the many folk festivals found in Taiwan such as the Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage, Yanshuei Beehive Fireworks, and Burning of the Plague God Boat in Dongkang. (English) (Traditional Chinese)
  • 中央研究院近代史語言研究所Academia Sinica Institute of Modern History – A possible explanation of the origins of temple/folk festivals.
  • Danny Zhan’s Photoshelter: Matsu Pilgrimage – Pictures of Taiwan’s Dajia folk festival featuring the pilgrimage of the Goddess Matsu
  • Youtube: Dajia Mazu Festival
  • Culture.tw: Dadaocheng Xiahai Chenghuang Temple – Information on origins and religious beliefs of the temple, and the festivities held there.